Since 2006 Incelligence has created hundreds of mobile apps for organizations of al types and sizes. Check below to get a sense of the breadth of the Incelligence portfolio

Wine Enthusiast Guide To Spirits

This application from "The Wine Enthusiast Magazine" covers white spirits (e.g., rum, vodka, tequila, and gin); whiskies of the British Isles and North America; brandies from around the world; liqueurs, and recommendations for tasting the nuances of each included spirit.

Boston Vegetarian Society

Built for an outreach program, this app provided information to promote a vegetarian way of life. It ran in conjunction with a mass transit advertising campaign allowing the target audience to text a phone number to receive a link to download the free application.

Sierra Club

This Sierra Club application offers trail-tested recipes for backpacking and camping adventures. In addition to its numerous recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, Granite Gourmet offers tips on food staples, single-burner cooking, and other important topics.

Michelle Obama: In Her Own Words

Drawing on quotations from a variety of newspaper and magazine articles, transcripts, speeches, and TV interviews and profiles, "Michelle Obama In Her Own Words" contains 200-250 quotations arranged in approximately 75 different categories.

Donald Trump: Think Like a Champion

This collection of short pieces, written by Donald Trump, have been personally selected for this application, giving his special perspective in what amounts to an "informal education" on how to succeed in business and life.

Your Pregnancy: Week by Week

This is the most medically current and comprehensive pregnancy application available. Completely updated throughout to keep up with trends, new products, and safety recommendations, this is a comprehensive, authoritative, and easy-to-use guide.

Arthritis: Your Questions Answered

Suffering from arthritis doesn't mean putting life on hold; from living with osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia to carpal tunnel syndrome and gout, discover how to take back control of your life with this application.

Zogby Survey

In an effort to reach a larger audience this application was built to enable all kinds of interactive surveys from mobile devices. All data submitted through the application is sent back to an on-line server where the results are gathered and tabulated.

Keurig Beverage Connector

Designed for specifically for mCommerce, this app allows the user to explore and research different varieties of coffee machines and coffees - then directly place orders for their selections from the application.

Patron Social Club Roulette

This fun application contains hundreds of different Patron Tequila drinks, along with pictures and recipes for each libation. It also includes a cool little feature that allows the user to randomly select a drink recipe through the use of a built in "roulette wheel".

Law In a Flash: Study Cards

Study anytime, anywhere! This application for Aspen Publishing is based on the famous "Law In a Flash" Study Card series. It's designed to use as a training aide for the review of legal topics for people studying for legal exams.

BusinessWeek Strategy

BusinessWeek is the world's number-one business magazine. This collection of articles is from BusinessWeek's Power Plays series on how the world's most strategic minds reach the top of their game.