Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

The world has gone mobile. From SMS texting to mobile applications and mobile marketing – the opportunities to interact with your audience have exploded.

Incelligence is passionate about mobile and mobile technologies. We provide world-class mobile technology and mobile marketing solutions to a global client base. We've created mobile phone and tablet apps for a wide range of audiences and can bring virtually any type of content to life on the small screen. We work with you to understand your target audience and shape your content to best connect and compel them to action.

Our apps are designed to be easy-to-get and easy-to-use. Found on most major app stores, and available with direct-to-user distribution, we provide the most flexible ways to get your content into the hands of your target users.

With our deep knowledge of the global mobile market, you can be confident we can move your company into the mobile channel, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Talk to us, we can help.

Mobile Marketing: MobileReach™

Mobile Marketing

Typical mobile marketing such as ads on mobile websites or appended to text messages, have little staying power, easy to ignore, and offer little ongoing value to your customers. MobileReach goes beyond SMS text ads and WAP banner ads to put engaging, repetitive use content on your customer's mobile phones and tablets that they will refer to over and over again - thereby reinforcing your brand and driving strong sales.

Incelligence will quickly mobilize content you already have, or develop new content into high-value targeted mobile apps and weave it into your current marketing mix with the following benefits:

• Dynamically update your customers with the latest information, or new offers, every time they access your application
• Interactivity that allows your users to send feedback directly to you and/or link to your other mobile sites
• An "always on" one-to-one relationship with your customers through the one device they always have with them
• ...all at a cost that compares favorably to the marketing you are currently doing.

The use of mobile to market a brand, campaign or message plays a powerful role within a cross platform mobile marketing strategy. Incelligence's mobile marketing expertise, combined with our comprehensive mobile analytics that allows mobile campaign tracking from beginning to end, enables organizations to sell goods or services, drive customer interaction, generate customer opt-in databases, and much, much more. Contact us to discuss.

Mobile Distribution: MIDS™

Mobile Distribution

Incelligence's Mobile Instant Distribution System™ (MIDS) delivers your apps directly to your user – all they have to do is send a text message or email and click on a link to download your mobile content (apps, videos, audio, PDF's, text... whatever you want) directly to their mobile device. It is the simplest, most direct way to reach your mobile users because they no longer have to search through an app store to find your content. With Incelligence you can reach them immediately when they are most ready for your message.

App stores can take 30-50 percent or more of your revenue. If selling mobile apps is part of your overall strategy, MIDS can integrate with your eCommerce system. Just treat your mobile app as another SKU and sell it as you would any other product. Once the customer has submitted the payment (and their mobile phone number), MIDS sends that mobile number a direct, one-time, one-use only link to directly download your content. Now you no longer have to share revenue from the sale of your mobile apps with the Apps Stores or carrier decks.

If you want to make your mobile content easier to find and keep more of your mobile app revenue, please reach out and we'll work with you to make direct mobile content distribution a reality.

Mobile Platform: MAF™

Mobile Platform

Developing native iOS, Android, and Windows Phone mobile applications is typically time-consuming and costly. It requires different source files, different programming languages, different sets of tools, and a great deal of OS-specific development knowledge. We developed our Mobile Application Factory™ (MAF) with that problem in mind.

Designed to allow non-developers to develop native mobile apps from a single set of source code, MAF doesn't require teams of specialized developers to create your mobile app - just people who are familiar with HTML, CSS, and XML - and it's compatible with some of the most widely used tools in the business (MS Visual Studio, Xamarin, Xcode, etc.) . This means now virtually anyone who can create a website can create a mobile app with MAF!

Incelligence is now offering the ability to license the source code for MAF directly from us. If you want to be able to develop iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps without the typical expense and time involved, MAF could be just the solution for which you've been looking. Get in touch with us today to discuss MAF and source code licensing options.