About Us

About Us

The world has gone mobile. From SMS texting to mobile applications and mobile marketing – the opportunities to interact with your audience have exploded.

Incelligence is passionate about mobile and mobile technologies. We provide world-class mobile technology and mobile marketing solutions to a global client base. Incelligence's MobileReach™ mobile marketing program enables agencies, brands, and marketers the ability to mobile distributionplan, create, test, deploy, and analyze cross-platform mobile campaign results - thereby enhancing consumer brand interaction and experience. Incelligence also provides mobile content delivery through our Mobile Instant Distribution System (MIDS)™, custom mobile application development through our Mobile Application Factory (MAF)™, consumer data analytics, creative design and execution, and strategic mobile marketing planning.

But developing a mobile app is just the beginning. You still need to get it into the hands of users, understand how they are using it, and then optimize that process to get the best ROI. We help our clients with all phases of their mobile strategy and implementation. With our cross-platform mobile development technology, distribution capabilities and expertise, and robust metrics and reporting, Incelligence provides you with an end-to-end solution to expand your mobile reach.

Incelligence has created mobile phone and tablet apps for a wide range of audiences and can bring virtually any type of content to life on the small screen. We work with you to understand your target audience and shape your content to best connect and compel them to action. Our apps are designed to be easy-to-get and easy-to-use. Found on most major app stores, and available with direct-to-user distribution, we provide the most flexible ways to get your content into the hands of your target users.

With our deep knowledge of the global mobile market, you can be confident we can move your company into the mobile channel, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Talk to us, we can help.

Supported OS's

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Windows

Representative Apps

American Heritage®: 100 Science Words
Bailey's Best Drinks
BusinessWeek Strategy Power Plays
Casenotes Business Organizations
CliffsNotes®: Beowulf
CliffsNotes®: Great Expectations
CliffsNotes®: The Canterbury Tales
Law In A Flash: Civil Procedure
Michelle Obama: In Her Own Words
National Institutes of Health: Asthma Information
National Institutes of Health: Depression Information
Patron Social Club
Quit Smoking
Robert's Rules of Order
Scientific American "Geography"®
Scientific American "Mathematical Games"®
Sierra Club "Save The Planet"®
Tim McCarver’s Diamond Gems
Wine Enthusiast Magazine Pocket Guide to Spirits
Your Pregnancy: Week by Week

Recent Headlines

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  • Healthline.com: For the 3rd year in a row, Incelligence's NIH Depression Info app named one of the best mobile depression apps by Healthline.com

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Why Choose Incelligence?

 iOS, Android & Windows Phone

With our platform you can create native apps for all major smartphone devices and tablets from a single set of source code.


Cost effective mobile solutions for your business through our rapid development, test, and launch capabilities.


Comprehensive analytics to better track your mobile campaign's progress.


Our experience from developing hundreds of mobile apps for Fortune 500 brands and companies.